Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Timetorians (Sci-Fi Film by Herbert Midgley)

The Timetorians Movie
The Timetorians Sci-Fi film, by Herbert Midgley.

On April Fools Day, internet star and legend, Herbert Midgley got some friends to help him make a dream come true. The story of the "Time Timetorians" has been with Herbert for over 15 years and finally he has made the greatest indie Sci-Fi film ever.

The Timetorians travel time to save the future by saving the past. The Consul has banned time travel because of the risk of "Looping the DNA". This is where the story begins.

Here it the link to the greatest Sci-Fi flick in the universe!

The Timetorians

The Timetorians (Director's Commentary 1)

The Timetorians (Director's Commentary 2)

The Timetorians Black & White Version

Here is a review of The Timetorians!